Thursday, May 1, 2014

Media that I Like

As I have been trying to grow my social media presence, I have happened upon a lot of great science people to follow on twitter, and who blog. I decided to include some of them here. I will try to update the list periodically as I add people that I think would be helpful. If you want to be included on this list get in touch!

  • - Codename of sciwriter Bethany Brookshire. Education Blogger at Science News for Students, Blogger at Science News.
  • - Chief of Infectious Diseases at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and co-inventor of a Rotavirus vaccine. Author of Do You Believe in Magic
  • - Head of Public Relations/Social Media for the World Health Organization-the UN Organization for public health. Private interests: Berlin, Football, History.
  • - virology; public health microbiology; global pathogen surveillance; preparedness and respons; syndromic diagnostics, human animal interface
  • - University of Windsor Bio Prof, teach microbiology, interested in science higher education. Show me the evidence! (My student & want a follow? Let me know.)
  • - Matt Frieman. New Professor studying SARS and MERS Coronavirus pathogenesis and host response to infection.
  • - Public U. prof, in Micro, Virol, Research methods. Trying to improve in large lectures/advising/undergrad research. Caregiver FTLD.Dreaming of balance.
  • - The Exchange, a program of the Nat’l Academy of Sciences, provides entertainment industry professionals with access to expert science & engineering consultants.
  • - Associate Professor, lab rat (microbiologist/infectious disease epidemiologist) and occasional blogger, full-time nerd
Blogs and Other Websites

Turbid Plaque
This Week in Virology
Milwaukee Health Department Laboratory
Chicago Department of Public Health
Science and Entertainment Exchange

I encourage everyone to use the comments section below! 
  • Lance D. Presser has a PhD in microbiology and immunology and is a public health laboratorian.
  • Hire Lance for any of your microbiology, virology, teaching, editing, grant writing, or public health consulting needs.
  • Follow Lance @ldpsci

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