Saturday, July 19, 2014

Aloha from Oahu

Aloha! I know the blog has been very quiet recently. I am working on getting settled and have a few interesting events that need to be written about. Hopefully withing a few weeks we are up and running again at a regular rate.

I have a couple interesting events in North Dakota I want to write about, the first involving a Hepatitis C Virus outbreak at a long-term care facility, the second a rare case of Hantavirus. I also want to talk about some of the tick-borne diseases like Lyme and Heartland that will no doubt be showing up this summer.

I also have a post that discusses a new partnership for the blog with Hep Mag. More on that later.

Until then, a few photos to demonstrate how beautiful Hawaii really is.

Byodo-In Temple

Kaena Point

Kaena Point

Kaena Point

Kailua Beach

Manoa Falls

The "Mokes"

From the top of the "Pillbox Trail"

A lot has happened in the science world since I last have written. There are smoldering MERS and Ebola outbreaks, The CDC found vials of Smallpox, and mishandled Anthrax and a variety of Influenza strains, Chikungunya has appeared in the US, etc.

Lastly, I want to mention again that some of the good people at Hep Mag approached me about writing for their blog. We came to an agreement that they can repost/link any of my material I publish here. If people are interested, there is a very large amount of information at their website. I highly recommend people check it out, and I am excited for our partnership moving forward.

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